Co-op & Go ! from Canada


Welcome to Kingsville, Ontario! 

Our little town is located on lake Erie, at the most southern point of Canada. It has over 22 000 residents and 8000 homes. There are multiple schools that teach in French in this English speaking area, a growing retirement community, a thriving main street with lots of small shops and great restaurants.

What is missing in Kingsville? Us! A youth cooperative that will offer lots of tailor-made services to our neighbours such as babysitting, French tutoring, gardening, shoveling snow in winter, doing groceries, helping out in restaurants and shops, even giving lessons on the use of electronics for the elderly! And since we are enthusiastic supporters of the “francophonie”, our services will be offered both in French and English. We are also environment-conscious, our mode of operation will systematically take into account environmental issues, and we will do our best to keep our impact as low as possible.

We are a group of imaginative and motivated teenagers who love their town. Our project is the opportunity to live a formative and remunerative experience that will create social links in the town, and show a great example of the effectiveness of the cooperative model. 

No more working in fastfoods on the weekends, let's be entrepreneurs, together!

What we need to get started

EUR 3,650 start-up costs for administration, advertising, training and tools like bicycles, gardening materials, etc.

They already have a mentor who is familiar with cooperative development.