Mapping of Youth Coops & Support Initiatives

In 2018, the ICA Youth Network began a global campaign to map all initiatives to empower youth through cooperatives. The goal was two-fold:

  • Map and connect youth cooperatives around the world, and
  • Inspire support organisations for youth and/or the cooperative movement to include, train and generally empower youth.

The starting point was a survey for youth coops and a survey for support organisations. We are pleased to share with you the results of the surveys.

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Map of Youth Coops

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Survey Findings

The surveys asked many questions to help the ICA Youth Network better understand youth coops and support initiatives. You can find some of the key findings here. The full analysis will be published in the #coopYouth Network Publication of Best Practices in early 2021.

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Inspiring Initiatives

Inspiring initiatives for training, including, and empowering youth that we learned about from the surveys.


Click here to see the full list of inspiring initiatives.