FAQs ICA Youth Network

What is a cooperative?

Learn more about cooperatives and youth here

How did the ICA Youth Network start?

Learn more about how the ICA Youth Network started here.

How is the Youth Network connected to the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA)?

Learn more about how the Youth Network is connected to the ICA here.

How is the Youth Network Structured?

Learn about the structure of the Youth Network here

Who is on the Executive Committee?

The Executive Committee members are listed here.

Who can be a member? And how do I join?

Click here to learn how to become a member or adherent.

Where can I find details of previous events?

Find details about previous events here.

Do you have funding for youth projects?

Unfortunately, we do not have funds for youth projects at this time. 

Are there any bursaries to help me attend the ICA conference?

The ICA has a limited bursary programme for individuals with limited financial resources. Information will be provided for each event. 

Can you publish an article for us?

Yes, if it is about youth and coops. Send it to hacquard@ica.coop and the Executive Committee will review it before publication.

Can I tell the Youth Network about our program or event?

Please send the information to hacquard@ica.coop, who will review it before publication.

How do I join your mailing list?

Please fill out the online form here to join our mailing list.

Do you have any other questions?

Join our forum to discuss youth and coops here!