Replication Project: Brand K Communications Cooperative Technologies from Kenya

team meeting

Brand K Communications Cooperative Technologies is an African integrated organization whose vision is to support African community and cooperative businesses to achieve their full potential; in the end being creative, self-sustaining and independent. Our services cut across Stakeholder Management Consultancy and training for both profit and non-profit ventures. We help cooperative organizations to engage their stakeholders and drive business results through innovative communication ideologies and technological tools. Our approach is centred on social impact and cooperative principles with the aim of; bringing down overall cost of technology to significantly boost access to disadvantaged communities and cooperatives; reduce income and wealth inequalities in the technology sector and training and building resilience to overcome challenges of the future and the fourth industrial revolution such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and  Blockchain. We yearn to be part of the experience that will empower cooperative entrepreneurs and Small Medium Enterprises(SMEs) to build sustainable business and create jobs in Africa. 

Over the past two years through the Brand K volunteer arm we designed an entrepreneurship training model to help Cooperative SMEs address Organizational challenges such as branding, registering businesses, financial literacy and business acumen. The capacity building services we give is centered on five core business technology pillars; Strategy, Customers, Money, Operations and People. Through this we have been able to train up to 682 Startup Groups so far. Our intent is to train and support 1000SMEs to set up and Launch their business in the next 5 Years. 

The Brand K Coop together with SMEs  have the potential to lift millions in Africa out of poverty and are integral to the growth and development of the continent. Brand K is industrious about disrupting the current “training workshop” paradigm. We look at adopting the Cooperative Model in our training models and Collaborating with technological tools. To enhance our knowledge in achieving this and to also enable us coach SMEs, we enrolled at the African Management Grow Your Business initiatives on a 1 Year training which offered us a scalable and impactful approach to technology entrepreneurship worker development providing us with real insights on how to analyze progress of companies and how to manage their processes and systems.

Brand K Communications Coop Tech Core Values 

  • Community Transformation – We desire to build communities and anchor their minds towards using technology for development.
  • Passion; We cultivate passion in our workforce and projects
  • Integrity; It is the hallmark of Brand K Coop Tech to demonstrate sound moral and ethical principles at work. 
  • Resilience and Grit; We are defined by the tendency to sustain interest and build effort towards long term goals. 
  • Quality Service; Customer Service quality is key. 

Mission: Transform Lives and Organizations through collaborations for impactful community investments.

Vision: Blossom while working in a Community of Creative Collaborators alongside developing a technology model that can deliver impact for entrepreneurs in terms of business growth and job creation at a price point that is viable to scale.

Additional Support Needed

Brand K needs EUR 2,000 for administrative start-up and advertising costs plus an additional EUR 8,000 to help pay the operating costs for the first year. 

With regards to mentorship and training, they need official support for registration and coop management.